tisdag 25 december 2012

Alot of painting ahead!

Merry Christmas everyone! It has been an awsome christmas for me i got alot of FoW stuff and i got a bolt action US starter army so i got alot of painting ahead of me!  //Tobbe

söndag 9 december 2012

Objective Done!

So as you may have seen before i posted a WIP pic and here is the final result :)

Sorry if the picture is bad it was really bad lighting when i took this pic.

Regards Tobbe!

FoW Objctive/ Mini diorama

Hi! I just thought that i haven't posted in a while and thought i would show you my WIP objective for FoW!

 It is 2 american paras guarding German POWs on the way back to allied lines. The German sitting on the "Logs" was just a nice detail and the knocked over sign was just a nice detail to :)

Regards Tobbe!

söndag 2 december 2012

Battle Report!

So me and my friend Eng played a game of FoW yesterday with me fielding my 101st Airborne, Easy company Americans and he fielding his 12th SS Panzer company. I am going to write this in a sort of story telling thingy.
The two armies:

 My 101st Airborne

 His 12th SS

It was a Cold January morning somewhere in France near the Belgium Border.
Easy Company had settled down in and west of the town they where staying in.

 But suddenly a scout spotted Germans closing in on them from the east! Now easy had to make their way to their all so important supplies that they had left unguarded near the church.

 The German Panzer IV opened fire at the American Tank destroyers and managed to make one of them go up in a big explosion. They prioratised the tank destroyers as they saw them as the biggest threat.

 Lieutenant Ronald Speirs was woken up by a explosion (The tank destroyer) his 2iC told him what was going on and he then hasty told his men to get moving towards the supplies. and so they did leaving 2nd platoon behind to defend their rear flank.

  Unknowing of the devastating power of the German rocket artillery Speirs led his men into open ground rushing towards the house that was next to their ammo supplies.

   1st platoon was completely smashed by the artillery and therefore just threw them self to the ground and was pinned down.

 By that time the German Panzers had moved up to take out the last of the two tank hunters. 

  With a total of three hits penetrating the Armour of the vehicle it joined the other one and was destroyed. 

 3rd platoon had almost reached their objective when they heard a engine far away heading towards them. Suddenly three new German Panzers showed up right in front of them. (he got his reserves in, i did not have a pic of that).


 Before they reached the house 1st platoon got really bad hit by even more German machine gun fire and lost 2 more teams.
Speirs however did not make it in to the house he chose to stay out and figure out what was hitting them so hard.


 After completing their main objective of destroying the tank destroyers the German Panzers took up positions and started to hammer 2nd platoon in the houses. 

 The first thing Speirs did before he started the rush for the objective he called for more armoured reinforcements. That the HQ sent inform of 2 regualr shermans and a Jumbo Sherman. They arrived in front of the Germans scoring 2 hits and the armour of one of the panzers got penetrated and it exploded.


The LMG platoon now saw that Speirs and his men where in trouble so they started to move towards them to help in defending the ammo.


  By that time the 3rd platoon had reached it's objective and started to dig foxholes just to find out the ground was to hard so they had to dig harder(They failed to dig in)

 The Panzer IVs now opened fire at the Shermans scoring to many hits and blew up the regular shermans and scaring the Jumbo away. 

2nd Platoons Mortar opened fire at the German artillery with one direct hit blowing a Nebelwerfer up.

The LMG Platoon suffered heavy casualties on their way to aid Speirs. The only one standing was the sergeant commanding the platoon and he was so scared after loosing his buddies that he went back to his own lines.
At that time Speirs and the remains of 1st platoon where held up in the house holding the objective but was taking heavy fire from the german Panzers.

The Remaining german panzers then started to open fire at 2nd platoon that was held up in the center of town but not managing to kill anyone.

By that time Speirs was the only man standing in the house and he got hit by Shrapnel and had to fall back and with him the rest of the company made their way back to friendly lines which meant that it was a Victory for the Germans and the Americans had to retreat to be able to fight another day.

 Hope you enjoyed reading this little battle report regards Tobias

lördag 1 december 2012

About This Blog

Hi! My name is Tobias but i am called Tobbe by freinds! i have started this blog because i want to show my hobby which is minature wargaming! I mostly play FoW and WHFB but i also play SOTR and Force on Force. Here are some of my minatures:
 My Americans in Greatcoats for the battle of the Bulge.

  A Sherman ARV for my 3rd Canadian Armoured divison.

This was just the beginning of this blog it will be many more posts in the Future :)
Regards Tobbe